Dr. ORAWAN Medical Center

Triumph Over Bladder Cancer – Mr. P

Meet Mr. P, an eighty-six-year-old who faced Bladder Cancer, Chronic Renal Failure, and more. Having undergone a bladder cancer operation that recurred in just three months, he chose a different route – our ‘Holistic Approach.’ In three months, his health markers transformed:

– Creatinine dropped from 2.8 to 1.5

– Glomerular Filtration Rate rose from 39 to 90.6

– Hematocrit increased from 35.8 to 40

The most astounding change? His bladder tumor regressed to normal, astonishing his previous hospital. Mr. P’s journey showcases holistic healing’s power to transform even complex conditions. It offers hope, demonstrating that holistic care can lead to remarkable improvements. At our Institute, we’re dedicated to such transformations, merging science, compassion, and nature for comprehensive well-being.