innojector treatment bangkok


What is the treatment about?

Innoject injection uses a high-speed stream of fluid to puncture the skin and delivers drugs to the dermal or sub dermal layer without the use of a needle. Recently, jet injectors have also been napplied in gene and vaccine delivery]; however, occasional pain and bruising limit their widespread use. For skin rejuvenation, jet injection uses a precise technology to accelerate and laterally disperse skin-enhancing hyaluronic acid (HA) particles via micro trauma using a pneumatic needle-free mechanism. These particles penetrate the dermis to a controlled depth while leaving the surrounding tissue intact, and induce dermal micro trauma that mechanically stretches the fibroblasts, stimulating growth factors and inhibiting collagen breakdown.

Why should one do this treatment?

INNOJECTOR guarantees high therapeutic effects by giving a fine stimulus to the skin tissue in the form of a whirlwind. It has the effect of improving the wrinkles of the neck, which is a difficult area to cure, and it has proven to be excellent in the acne scars and the surgical scars treatment. It attracts great attention in the global medical aesthetics markets, and its export is gradually expanding.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

This treatment is good for the following procedure:
• Lifting
• Acne scars
• Keloids scars
• Neck lines
• Forehead wrinkles
• Crow’s feet
• Fine wrinkles
• Hydration
• Stretch marks
• Surgical/ Accidental Scars

What all is included in this treatment?

Aging Skin

A powerful pneumatic power impacts the dermal layer without needles to do subcision or breaking the fibrose tissues & induce collagen generation.

Minimal injection causes little pain and short downtime to go back to your daily life.

Active compounds, minimizing loss, can be injected in a proper region between epidermis and dermis, resulting in maximizing therapeutic effects.

 Frequently asked questions about Innojector

Q. Is this treatment safe?

Yes this treatment is safe, no irreversible skin damage and irritation by INNOJECTOR injection.

Q. How long is the procedure of treatment?

This procedure normally takes 20-30 minutes only.

Q. Does this treatment cause heat injury?

INNOJECTOR does not cause heat injury and does not require any treatment after the procedure so that there is almost no interference with daily life

Q. Can I put make up after this treatment even there will be tiny hole on my face?

The patented nozzle creates a very fine hole in the skin, greatly reducing the bleeding to the extent that it is possible to cover the treated area as a basic makeup and the procedure time is about 10 minutes and there is no burden

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