Success Treatments for Cancer Patients by Dr.Orawan

Mr. W has been treated his multiple ( more than 1,000 ) lesions of epidermal cysts, skin tags, moles and sebaceous hyperplasia all over his face which grew more each year with Dr. ORAWAN by CO2 Laser resurfacing for 3 sessions . He is really appreciated for the result and made this postcard sent to our clinic for thankfulness and wants to share this to all people who suffer the same problems and hope that this can encourage many people to be treated too because he said it was very convenient and fast treatment without downtime nor side effects at all.

Case 1. Multiple facial skin lesions

Mr. P an eighty six years old male patient has Bladder Cancer, Chronic Renal Failure, Pale, and Bleeding Urination conditions. He has got an operation for his bladder cancer before and recurrent within 3 months. He denied chemo therapy because he afraid that he could not tolerate the side effect and decided to be treated with ‘Holistic Approach for His condition with our Institute. Three month after the treatment, his Creatinine(Cr) decreased from 2.8 to 1.5. His Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR) raised from 39 to 90.6. And his Hematocrit(Hct) raised from 35.8 to 40. All the result shows that his condition is better and also his tumor regressed to normal study from histological exam and was surprised by the same operated hospital .

Case 2: CA Bladder

Mr. G -a 46 years old male patient came with dysphagia ( difficult to swallow )because of the Esophageal Cancer 10 cm. enlargement with 14 kg. weight loss in 2 months. Before attending our holistic program, his Cancer Antigen 19-9(Ca:19-9) which is a Tumer marker is 309.30. He has done a CT Scan and the result shown that CA or Lymphoma should be considered. After 1 month of the treatment, Ca:19-9 has decreased to normal 24.1. His weight gained 8 kg. with normal swallowing and the Tumor regress by 50%. After 2 months of the treatment, the tumor regressed all with normal study biopsy histologic result. Follow up 1 and a half year later, there was still normal Tumor marker and normal study of CT scan which means he is cured by our remedy.

Case 3 : CA Esophagus

Mr. W -a married 60 years old male with Prostate Cancer and Chronic Kidney Disease.
He has faced with Prostate Hypertrophy for 6 years with frequently off and on of Urinary Tract Infection(UTI). Before attend the program, his Prostate-Specific Antigen(PSA) was 11. After 1 week of treatment, his PSA decreased to 6.8. And we also checked his Renal function test by doing Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN), Creatinine(Cr), and Glomerular Filtration Rate(GFR). The result shown infection with BUN 14, Cr. O.93, and GFR 88.91. After 1 month of treatment, his PSA decreased to 3.0 with BUN 16, Cr 0.92, and GFR 90.08. It means his PSA was back to normal. And his Renal function is better too . Two years follow up he is still in normal condition without recurrent urinary tract infection nor high PSA .

Case 4: CA Prostate / Prostate Hypertrophy

Mr. V – A 59 years old male patient with Prostate Cancer refused to do surgery nor chemo therapy. He dicided to be treated by our holistic medicine . Before the treatment, his Prostate-Specific Antigen(PSA) was 43.3 ng/ml. After 2.5 months of the treatment, it decreased to 0.662 ng/ml with repeated laboratory test for 2 times , the results confirmed normal at 0.62 and 0.69 Mg/ml which means he has already free of Prostate cancer.
Follow up two years later, he is still in remission.

Case 5:Prostate Cancer

Mrs. P – A 50 years old female patient who was diagnosed from her gynecologist in the hospital that she got the Ovarian and Breast Cancer . She refused to do chemo and radiation therapy because she thought that her body could not cope with it. She came to be treated holistic care with us. After one month she felt much better, more energy and appetite and other people noticed that her skin complex look brighter and her tumor marker was decreased . After 2 months of our holistic treatment she went to follow up with ultrasound and blood test, surprising by her doctor that all her tumors of ovary and breast are gone and her blood test was normal too and told that she was cured . This make she very happy because at first she was hopeless and denied to have any conventional treatment but now she was cured with better quality of life , more energy, appetite and can sleep soundly every night make her very happy and grateful to our team and our holistic treatment .

Case 6 : Ovarian and Breast Cancer

Mrs. J – A 68 years old female patient with hypertension, loss of appetite and syncope frequently has been diagnosed of Breast Cancer from the hospital and was suggested to do chemotherapy immediately and radiation later but she refused to do because she thought that she was too old to tolerate the side effect. She decided to try our holistic treatment , after one month , her general condition was much better , her tumor marker went down to normal , no more hypertension , feel fresh and energized. She is delighted with the holistic treatment that she received was the right solution for her. Now she is hopeful for her new life with health & blissfulness. Thanks for our holistic remedy.

Case 7 : Breast Cancer

Ms.T – A 47 years old female patient with chronic hepatitis B infection , chronic fatigue , vertigo and low grade fever, had sent her blood test to Dr. Kobayashi in Japan who diagnosed that her liver cells had changed to Liver Cancer, stage 0-1 . She refused to do chemo therapy and surgery . She decided to attend our holistic program. Before the treatment, her Carcinoembryonic Antigen(CEA) was 478.5 ng/ml ( which should be less than 5 ng/ml for normal ), Her Viral load was also high 250,000 copies/ml. with heavy metal – Mercury & Lead high intoxicating . After attending our holistic treatment for 5 months, her general condition was much improved, the Tumor marker decreased CEA went down to 12.6 ng/ml. and her Viral load was non detectable . Now 1 year later she is free of Liver Cancer and her viral load for hepatitis B is still non detectable. The Gastrointestinal doctor said that she was free of Liver Cancer & Hepatitis and also the heavy metal had been eradicated . Now she is very happy , feels fit and energized , can do exercise without tiredness as before, no more fever nor vertigo . Many thanks to our holistic program.

Case 8: Liver Cancer, stage 0-1 & Chronic Hepatitis B

Mr. Tom- Our 88 years old male clients whom let us take care for his multiple skin cancers and chronic fungal infection of his soles and toe nails for 3 years , now all his skin cancers are all cured by removed with CO2 Laser & Imiquimode Cream and holistic remedy for his chronic fungal infection because he denied to take any chemical anti- fungal medicine , were treated by Long Pulse Nd Yag Laser to all his toe nails with a lot improvement.

One year later he had abdominal mass with increase Tumor markers of CA19-9, PSA & NSE which the surgeon diagnosis and suggest to do operation on his CA Pancreas which he denied and asked for our holistic remedies. After 6 months, all are improved of abdominal mass and all tumor markers .


Three months before he got severe tooth pain and was diagnosed as Wisdom Root abscess and need to be removed because of the hardness case like his , Dr. Orawan prescribed him Homoeopathy remedy to relieve the pain and prevent bleeding and post surgical inflammation and improve wound healing which he was really appreciated and surprised the dentist of his fast recovery . He has reviewed for us as the following article:

Case 9: CA Skin, CA Pancreas, Tumor marker rising for CA Lung & Prostate , Chronic fungal infection of soles & all toenails.

I give a 5+ star rating and highly recommend Dr. Orawan’s treatments.

Here’s why….. I’m 88 yrs old, and have been a patient of Dr. Orawan’s for nearly three years. A few weeks ago I was told I needed a double extraction for my upper and lower wisdom teeth.

When Dr. Orawan heard about my upcoming oral surgery and apprehension she was ready to help with the pre and post surgery treatments. She recommended homeopathic drops and supplements for three weeks prior to surgery. The drops and supplements targeted supporting the immune system and help in reducing infection and bleeding post surgery.

I could tell by the oral surgeon’s look of surprise I had to be the oldest patient she had ever treated for wisdom teeth extraction. From the X-rays you could see the bottom wisdom tooth roots were entangled in the nerves, so…

On THE day, I admit I was nervous, I asked for a 2mg valium to calm my nerves prior to surgery. The one hour extraction process began with several injections to numb the area and expected nerve pain during the procedure. All went professionally, smoothly, and took precisely one hour as promised.

Within 6 hours all bleeding stopped, that night I had a good pain free sleep. I believe the pre-op treatment from Dr. Orawan for bleeding and infection helped me tremendously.

The day after – no pain. No pain killers required.

10 days post follow-up: The oral surgeon said, “amazing, there is nothing for me to do, the wound is healing”. She did say to my wife that she was shocked at how well I recovered.

Without a doubt I believe my holistic treatments helped me through what could have been a very difficult situation. I am grateful to Dr. Orawan for her knowledge, experience and her calling to help others. For me, the best in Integrative Medicine.


Case 9: CA Skin, CA Pancreas, Tumor marker rising for CA Lung & Prostate , Chronic fungal infection of soles & all toenails.

Mrs. O – A 72 yrs old female widow case of severe resistant pulmonary infection of Mycobacterium abcessus which was cultured and diagnosed from the most famous Medical University hospital in Bangkok

that it was resisted to all medicines. She has tried all conventional medicines for five weeks and became worse and spread more . She even had sent her blood ( liquid ) biopsy to be investigated in German and reports that the infection had caused her gene aberration and got non small cell Lung cancer eventually .

After failed to all chemical remedies she decided to try our holistic therapy , within one month , her clinical was improved , the chest film  also showed improvement . Continuing our remedy, her conditions became better and better. Now is almost 8 months and the film report is normal . Thanks to the holistic approach that can save her life and she even has better quality of life with more perfect skin complexion and look younger too.

She has reviewed her case  in her FB to encourage other hopeless cases to have a better alternative choice as her case. Below is her review:

I was diagnosed with Mycobacterium abcessus lung infection in December 2018. Immediately, intensive medical treatment was given to me to eradicate this renown stubborn lung infection.

As my google research found out that this bacteria has a very resistant, rapid growth, and can be fatal.

The combination of five

different IV and oral medications were administered to me by the most famous medical university center.

During 5 weeks of such conventional treatment,  my condition was worsened and my health deteriorated.  Then the culture and sensitivity report revealed that the Mycobacterium abcessus was resistant to four of the five chemical medications.

My lung infection spreaded to a larger area, from only a small lesion at right middle lobe. My doctor gave up hope, leaving me with no other choice.

In February, Dr. Orawan Kitchawaengkul came to my rescue.  From her diligent and profound research, she offered me an alternative, non-conventional therapy using high dosage of Vitamin C and nutrient supplements to enhance the immune system in fighting this stubborn lung disease.

After one month of such therapy, I felt like a new person. Dr. Orawan has revitalized me – bringing back my life.  I could now enjoy food and living again.

Two months later, my chest  X-Ray indicated much improvement; the infected area has decreased in density and size. I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Orawan.  She has saved my life with her knowledgeable integrative  therapy in enhancing my immune system with natural and non-chemical ingredients.

I  hope that this sharing will benefit other patients too.  Dr. Orawan is not only capable, but she is also compassionate and caring for all her patients.

Case 10: Mycobacterium abcessus Pnuemonitis with non small cell Lung cancer gene aberration

Ms. A – a 70 years old female, known case of Adeno CA Head of Pancreas stage 4, uncontrolled DM  who had been told from her doctor that she had only

3 months life expectancy, . Her doctor refused to do any treatment nor chemo therapy because of her poor condition Her tumor marker was raised up to CA 19-9= 5,298 (0-37) with weakness, swallowed legs , could not walk but on wheel chair, debility and loss of appetite and always had abdominal pain.

After receiving our holistic treatment program  for 6 Rx , she felt more Energy , her legs were better-non edema that she could go out for shopping , no abdominal pain. Post 10 Rx she felt much better with better QOL, no pain,  her general condition was good even  her CA 19-9 was a little rising 5,530 . She went to see her doctor in the hospital who was very surprised of her much improved condition and insisted her to do palliative light chemo Rx. Her blood

sugar which was unable to be controlled  was very good control at 90-96  (120-204). She had been survived more than a year now.

Case 11. Adeno CA Head of Pancreas stage 4 with uncontrolled DM

Mrs. H : A 54 Years Old Australian Female, came with her health problems as :

  1. Coeliac disease
  2. Generally Unwell
  3. Hair loss
  4. Teeth loss
  5. Weight gained of 10kg in 2 years ‘
  6. Above despite healthy diet and regular exercise. She was diagnosed by multi specialists, including an anti-aging doctor in her country without improvement.

History of her past treatment:

  1. She received Hormonal Replacement Therapy for 1 year without improvement

Post treatment Symptom:

  1. No Improvement
  2. Feels imbalance
  3. Night sweating
  4. Weakness
  5. Drooping and dull skin


She came to consult

@Dr. Orawan Holistic Institute and was Re-evaluated . We gave her

Diagnosis: Heavy metal intoxication, Dysbiosis, Vit. D3 deficiency, Osteoporosis and Multiple hormone deficiency especially Thyroid hormone- Menopause Syndrome .

We have provided holistic treatments including:

  1. Oral chelation
  2. Orawana Phytochemicals
  3. Natural bioidentical hormonal supplement by using Thai herbs .

After 2 weeks of therapy, she felt much better, refreshed with inner peace and happy, her skin complex was radiant and weight reduced by naturally.

Everyone could notice her change not only herself. She is satisfied with the treatment that can bring back her quality of life again.

She looks, feels and be younger. Not only she , all her friends and especially her husband satisfy with her new look!


Mr. AM – a 62 yr. old male with long history of diabetics, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and atrial fibrillation, heart disease, came with Chronic kidney disease
Before Rx. BUN = 15, Cr= 1.44, GFR= 52.04 CC/min.
After 1M Rx. BUN = 18, Cr= 1.05, GFR= 76.04 CC/min.

Case 13 : CKD , DM, HT , AF , Hypercholesterolemia
รีวิว breast cancer drorawan
Breast Cancer Review from Our Patients

After knowing that the stony hard lump in my left armpit and both breasts are Breast Cancer stage 4 with all Lung lobules metastasis, these made me shocked because what I knew from doctors that the survival at this stage was 3 month ! I felt brain fog and numb , kept on asking myself...

Dr Orawan is not only a pioneer in her field of holistic beauty care and anti-aging, but a respected Guru for Thailand in the field of medical spa tourism.