New Year & Beauty New You 2019 Treatment Program

New Year & Beauty New You 2019 Treatment Program

HAPPY NEW YEAR BEAUTY NEW YOU @ Dr. Orawan Holistic Beauty & Anti-aging Institute Phuket

New Year & Beauty New You 2019 Treatment Program

January 11, 2019

Inner Wellness & Anti-Aging Program

What we see from outside is the reflection of how we feel from inside. We all know that both good health and beauty are caused by 2 important factors that are correlated with each other. Those 2 factors are keeping self-care of your outer body and maintaining yourself ‘s inner beauty as well.

Our environment or ecosystem conditions, attitudes of our colleagues at workplace or behavior impact from people around us while traveling or working do have effect on our self-beauty or inner wellness. Every time we feel unhappy emotionally our body produces many hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, etc.) that affect the catalytic activity in cells. They have side effects that cause aging very quickly, such as those who are worried regularly, have a chance to wrinkle a lot, so if we can develop better ideas and attitude techniques to change the feelings to positive and improve the emotions in daily life to be on the brighter side. Just changing attitude can better your personally, like receiving 3 times the bonus of a brighter mental condition, a youthful age and a stronger healthy life.

Dr. Orawan’s the Inner Wellness & Anti-Aging Program combining harmoniously of knowledge and techniques for creating an inner balance and mental immunity, improving one’s self-thought and building a strong emotional condition for stress confrontation. This program heals through frequency of music, crystal singing bowl and Tibetian bowl therapy. The programs also include special exclusive treatments which focus on each individual beauty, anti-aging and wellness, A special nutrition program will be included as well for fulfilling all healthy aspects of body, mind and soul.


Day 1
08.30 – 09.15
Registration and receive medical health checkup
using quantum technology and biometrics to prepare
the exclusive individual food supplements including
health and beauty care approach for the whole 3 day
2-night therapy program.
09.30 -10.30
“Effects of stress on the brain, physical health, mental
health and personality”
10.30 -10.45
Break time
10.45 -12.30
“Balance the left and right brain and linking of both sides.”
12.30 -14.00
Lunch Time
14.00 -17.00
Personal consultation and treatment
17.00 -18.00
Free time for rest or clinical consultation
18.00 -19.30
19.30 -20.30
Meditation thru mini Concert for Healing to adjust the
brainwaves for good quality of sleep with Guzheng,
Crystal Singing Bowl, Tibetan Bowl etc.
20.30 -22.00
Personal Leisure time & ready for sound sleep.
Day 2
06.30 – 07.30
Good Morning Exercise for vitality
07.30 -09.00
Self-care & Breakfast
09.00 -10.30
“Music for Vitality-1”
10.30 -10.45
10.45 -12.30
“Music for Vitality-2”
12.30 -14.00
14.00 -15.30
“Update Innovative Holistic Beauty & Anti-aging”
15.30 -17.00
Personal Exclusive treatment
17.00 -18.00
Free time or consultation
18.00 -19.30
19.30 -20.30
Mini Concert for Healing and adjust the brainwaves for
good quality of sleep with Guzheng, Crystal Singing
Bowl, Tibetan bowl
20.30 -22.00
Personal Leisure time & ready for sound sleep
Day 3
06.30 – 07.30
Good Morning Exercise for vitality
07.30 -09.00
Self-care & Breakfast
09.00 -10.30
“Imaginary Therapy Techniques 1”
10.30 -10.45
10.45 -12.30
“Imaginary Therapy Techniques 2”
12.30 -14.00
14.00 -16.00
Advance Nutritional Therapy Oral & Intravenous” With
Have a memorable group photo together before check
Farewell Dinner on Floating Fresh Seafood Restaurant
Back home with Happy & Beauty New You

Bon Voyage, till we meet again

Dr. Orawan Inner Wellness & Anti-Aging 3 day-2-night Program will be conducted exclusively & privately for each individual by the world’s famous gurus accompanying by their professional medical team to provide the best holistic service.

WG. CDR. ORAWAN KITCHAWENGKUL, M.D. ( Dermatologist and Laser Specialist from Harvard University & American Board for Anti-Aging & Nutrition Therapy, Certified in Chinese Traditional Medicine from Shanghai University, China , Thai Traditional Medicine, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, Board certified in Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University , Orthomolecular Medicine, Tokyo, Japan)

Master DANCHAI ( Soul & Music Therapy Healer and with a lot of skills and experience in treating VIP Patients at Chivasom and abroad for more than 15 years ) . On January 20-22, 2019 Dr. Orawan Anti-Aging Institute Phuket Branch open for only 5 applicants that will come to unlock their obstacles about Inner Wellness, beauty and Anti-aging for a healthier, better and happier life.
This is the great golden opportunity to register today for it is the first time in the
world & in Thailand and the only program that has been prepared for more than
thirty years for the best exclusive holistic care approach for each applicant.

Treatment compromises of:

  • Personal physical and mental health counseling with the gurus
  • Emphasizing mental training to create inner peace and positive energy and
    use mind as the master.
  • Life style modification according to the biological clock & recharge battery of life three days and two nights workshop.
  • Detoxification mind, emotion and body thru music therapy lung and skin thru exercise &treatment and thru GI by proper diet and supplement.
  • Intravenous cleansing plagues of cholesterol & heavy metal and cleans free
    radicals from all blood vessels & organs , boost immunity & ATP vital energy, increase blood circulation to all organs especially boost memory & brain function
  • Prevent heart disease, Hypertension &anti aging& Cancer with parenteral
    nutrition & Vitamin therapy
  • Stimulating & activate stem cell numbers & function.
  • Improve all vital meridian energy flow thru the body, balance all organ function by the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture points with quantum, crystal , magnetic, laser and gem therapy.
  • Ear & Foot reflexology
  • Exclusive Beauty therapy by the most advanced & innovative technology
    based on individual problems Starting from the hair on head to the toe nails.
  • Gold facial treatment (Pure 99.99% gold from Japan) with innovative ultrasonogramnanomist and low level laser therapy.
  • Exercise everyday on horizontal vibrators to build muscle, bone density and
  • Exclusive personalized nutraceutical supplement formulated specifically for
    individuals as detected throughout the three days
  • Personal cosmeceutical skin care
  • Healthy meals throughout the program
  • Accommodation will be provided (designed by renown Architect from Paris, Mr. Inna) consist of King-sized bed, with dust and mite proof bed sheets and facilities in the room. Also includes Skincare Cosmetics + Healthy Snacks
  • Shuttle service from Phuket International Airport
  • For only 300, 000 baht / person (Discount from 680,000 baht)
  • Submit an application with your previous own lab report to prepare for individual treatment

(We can also organize the other program in private group or personal treatment according to your schedule in advance too.)

    Apply now for 3 Days 2 Night HAPPY NEW YEAR BEAUTY NEW YOU Program

    Personal Information

    No DiseaseAllergic to any food or medicineDiseaseOn Medication

    Bachelor DegreeMaster DegreePh. D


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