Dr. ORAWAN Medical Center

Liver Cancer – Ms T

Meet Ms. T, a 47-year-old who faced chronic hepatitis B, fatigue, vertigo, and low-grade fever. Diagnosed with early-stage liver cancer, she opted out of chemotherapy and surgery, choosing our holistic program.

Challenging Start:

Before our treatment, Ms. T’s Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) was 478.5 ng/ml (normal: <5 ng/ml). Her viral load was high at 250,000 copies/ml, and heavy metals (Mercury & Lead) further complicated her health.

Holistic Healing:

Committed to our program, Ms. T saw rapid improvement. In 5 months, her CEA dropped to 12.6 ng/ml, and her hepatitis B viral load became undetectable.

One-Year Update:

A year later, Ms. T is cancer-free with undetectable viral load. Heavy metals are eradicated, and her vitality is restored. Fatigue, fever, and vertigo are no longer part of her life.

Gratitude for Holistic Approach:

Ms. T’s holistic journey brought vitality and joy back. Her story underscores the power of holistic healing. Join us to explore your path to wellness. Contact us for more information.