Dr. ORAWAN Medical Center


Today, everyone may be familiar with the term “Laser” (Light Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation). When talking the medical use of laser, we usually think of hot laser or high Level, hot or hard Laser which is very hot to the surface it touches.  Hot laser is used in removing moles, warts,  birthmarks, tattoos,  scars  , varicose  veins  , skin  and vaginal  tightening  and hair  removal.  Anesthesia  is needed  in such  laser  surgery.  Yet, not many are experienced  or familiar  with cold laser, which  is a therapeutic  laser.  It doesn’t  feel  hot. It feels  a  bit warm  not so hot that the patient cannot bear. Most medical centers only have hot  laser.

Dr. Orawan’s Holistic & Anti Aging  Institute has been a leader in hot and cold laser treatment for almost 30 years. In the beginning, hot laser is used in surgery and treating specific skin areas. The institute is a leader in using cold laser treatment for curing skin diseases such as rash, pimples, psoriasis, vitiligo, fresh wounds, chronic wounds, herpes zoster, herpes simplex, various kinds of inflammations and bedsores.  Its  usages  include  aiding  liniment  absorption  so  that the skin color will become gradually lighter and look younger and also stimulating hair roots to get healthy and grow new hairs. It can be used with light absorption agents in order to effectively cure skin cancer (PDT = Photo Dynamic Therapy).


Laser is light that is generated by using other forms of energy such as electricity to transform some kinds of matters to light energy at a specific wave length that only has effect on particular cells. This kind of light has to be monochromatic and the beams are coherent according to Einstein’s relativity theory.

The matters that are transformed to energy are in three states, namely gas such as C02 for surgery (very hot – the temperature  increases  by  200°C)  and  He-Ne  for  therapy (cold – the temperature  increases by 1°C), liquid such as dye laser, and solid such as Nd YAG Laser and Diode Laser.


The specificity in using laser is the reason why many kinds of laser machines are needed. Our institute has more than 25 laser machines at the moment. Our cold laser is generated from diode laser. Nowadays, this kind of laser is generated by fiber optic glass by having 5 wave lengths 5 colors for medical use as listed below. Nowadays there are many supporting researches.

  1. Blue Laser 405 nm with the highest power of 60 mw able to penetrate about 1-3 mm is often used in curing skin It can be connected to a special needle that can be pierced into a blood vessel or a joint and internal tissue. It can be used in killing germs, resisting inflammation or used together with a blue light absorption agent to kill cancerous cells, increase blood circulation, stimulate the creation and secretion of NO (Nitric Oxide) that can dilate blood vessels, make wounds recover fast and increase longevity by lengthening telomere chromosomes.
  2. Green Laser 532 nm with the highest power of 50 mw able to penetrate 5 – 1 cm increases the absorbability of cell walls and accelerates metabolism to boost ATP, 02 relieve pain, decrease inflammation and swelling.
  3. Yellow laser  589  nm  with  the  highest  power  of  50 mw able to penetrate 1-2 cm can kill both virus  and bacteria, remove toxin, stimulate energy generation, decrease cancerous cells, relieve depression and anxiety, and relieve stress by increasing production of hormones, Vitamin D and serotonin. It can also be used with yellow light absorption agents and cancer treatment  effectively.
  4. Red Laser 685 nm with the highest power of 100 mw able to penetration 2-3 cm helps stimulate blood circulation, cell production, wound recovery and stem cell It increases immunity, boosts 02 in red blood cells by 6 times, and relieves pain.
  5. lnfared 810 nm with the highest power of 100 mw able to penetrate 5-7 cm can treat internal organs down to the bone level, treat inflammation in the bones, brain (by penetrating through the skull), spinal cord and nerve It can improve the condition of Paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Parkinson’s disease, Migraine, Deaf/ Hearing loss, Fat dissolution and Weight loss.

A benefit of fiber optic glass cold laser is that it’s not hot and not painful.  It can  replace  acupuncture.  It can penetrate down  many  levels  according  to  the  properties  of  different laser colors, and when used with a special needle that can be inserted into a blood vessel or through joints or internal organs for curing and treating cancer. It is a treatment that yields direct effect. It also yields indirect effects by reducing inflammation, increasing blood circulation and increasing therapeutic matters via the acupuncture points thru the Vital Meridians. All of these are performed by natural means, i.e. by stimulating the body to produce NO and ATP, increase the absorption of 02, secretion of stress relief hormones, relieve pain and stimulate the produc­ tion of some hormones such as melatonin, stimulate body’s repair and recovery, increase the efficiency of the healing and drug and food absorption so that the use of medication will be minimized. It can control diabetes, ameliorate blood lipid and the number of cancerous cells. It is such a perfect development of the modern medicine.


Dr. Orawan is the first Thai medical doctor who has been certified by Beckman Laser Institute, UCI and Harvard Medical School, USA since 1988. She has been conveying knowledge in this field in Thailand for more than 28 years.  Nowadays, PDT is widely used for curing pimples. The institute imported a cold laser machine from Japan in 1988. Today, the institute has 15 cold laser machines of the Computer Scanner model and 10 hot laser machines, which  have been used in therapy and aesthetics throughout 28 years. In 2016, a fiber optic glass cold laser machine was imported from Germany. This machine can beam laser deep down to internal organs. The institute harmoniously incorporates cold laser treatment into its holistic health care together with herbal therapy and homeopathy.