Case Presentation: Cancer and Renal Failure Patient

Case Presentation: Cancer and Renal Failure Patient

February 12, 2018

Symptoms and Diagnosis

A 86 year old man came with problem of Bladder Cancer, Chronic Renal Failure, pale and bleeding per urination. He has been diagnosed from Ramathibodi Hospital and has been under operation for one time with recurrence within 3 months. Post operation, he was very weak and needed more than one month to recover. However, his children refused chemotherapy because of his old age and other health conditions.

Our Treatment

They brought him to Dr. Orawan Holistic Institute where we gave him homeopathy which help relieve his bleeding symptom within 1 day and treat him with cold laser, quantum energy, acupuncture, herbal remedies and Nano-alkaline drinking water which he responded very well.


There was noticeable  improvement of his health and quality of life. Dr. Orawan insisted him to do another operation with the assurance that he would be fine and recover quicker.  After that, he went to remove the tumor and found that he was recovered very fast just 8 hours without any exhaustion like the previous one. After the operation, he continued with our remedies & treatment for 6 months and follow up with doctor at Ramathibodi Hospital, Medical School who discovered that he is now cured from cancer, also his blood test for kidney function all turn to normal and not pale as before. Now he still comes to treat with us weekly for rehabilitation and anti-aging. Besides, we have treated his osteoarthritis of both knees cured by Low Level Laser, Hydro-acupuncture, quantum energy and our supplements.

Treatment outcomes may vary depending on individual differences (e.g., genetic differences, disease severity or environmental factors).

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