Breast Cancer Review from Our Patients

Breast Cancer Review from Our Patients

July 13, 2020
รีวิว breast cancer drorawan

After knowing that the stony hard lump in my left armpit and both breasts are Breast Cancer stage 4 with all Lung lobules metastasis, these made me shocked because what I knew from doctors that the survival at this stage was 3 month ! I felt brain fog and numb , kept on asking myself how long my life would be, when I would die because what I knew all cancer patients at this stage would die very soon. I tried get my conscious back and looking for more information about CA Breast and the management. Luckily I met Dr. Orawan and consulted her . She was a renown dermatologist, anti aging and Holistic medicine physician in Thailand.

She advices me to start the intravenous Hi Dose Vitamin C remedy which could improve my immunity and also help treating the cancer by the mechanism that the vitamin C molecular structure is quiet similar to sugar which the cancer cells need to uptake to make them multiply and grow faster so they would engulfed the vitamin C & make apoptosis or explosion program cell death from these, more than that the Vitamin C was a fluent anti oxidant , anti inflammation and help building new collagen and brightening the skin too with no side effect. These news gave hope and encouraged me a lot so I started the IV treatment since Aug.18, 2019 the first consultation date until now. More than that Dr. Orawan adviced me to change my lifestyle and diet such as positive thinking, slept earlier before 9 pm, thamma listening about Buddha’s teaching , meditation by sending me everyday meditation program of Dr. Chopra 21 day abundance program and also accompanied me to learn QiQong practicing in the public park every morning to expand and detox my Lung .

Also she adviced me about anti cancer diet and cooking ( emphasized on fresh organic vegetables & fruits, omitted Sugar & Salt). After treating with the IV Vitamin infusion for 6 weeks ( before I received any conventional treatment , by that time I needed to be proven the kind and stage of cancer by biopsy , CT scan ) , she let me have a follow up CXR and CT scan, amazing that all lesions in every lobules of my lung disappeared by her natural remedies both intravenous and oral. The conventional doctors felt amazing of the result and how strong I was even receiving the chemotherapy simultaneously. It could change my cancer staging from 4 to 3 and the surgeon agreed to remove the lumps on my breasts and armpits which at first no doctor agreed to do. I am in good condition now , no fatigue , feel strong and perform normal life as others  , continuing both treatments of conventional and nutritional as Dr. Orawan recommended, with hope to be cured. Many thanks to Dr. Orawan and her team of very kind and nice personnels who taking good care of me by heart , ethics and professionals . I just can’t stop to telling everyone who got Cancer like me to be hopeful and strong together with all these nice people and regimens . Please feel free to contact me for encouraging and details. I can share my experience and advice .

Again many thanks to Dr. Orawan and her team , I wish them all the best!