Timeless Attractive Beauty


Nowadays many people are looking younger and we cannot guess their age because of innovative technology and products that are very effective and affordable.

Modern practitioners have discovered a harmonious way to blend the best of Western medicine with the wisdom of Oriental medicine to bring perfect benefits for both health and beauty. That is called holistic beauty; beauty from within.

Perfect facial beauty is demanded by both genders because everyone wants to make a good first impression that is attractive. The most popular treatment for a younger and attractive look is precious thread acupuncture, which not only lifts the face as good as or better than surgery, without scars, but also improves energy flow through all meridians via the vital acupuncture and precious thread embedding.

Compared to surgery and state-of-the-art laser and high radio-frequency treatments, precious thread lifting has more benefits – not only in terms of pain reduction, scarring reduction, and side effects, but also in terms of prettiness and a more natural look.

The second most popular method for skin rejuvenation and whitening or brightening is yellow light therapy, which is an intense pulse light in the yellow colour range that can decrease melanin pigment and rejuvenate the skin at the same time. When combined with LED or cold laser, which is a red light therapy that helps activate body stem cells to accumulate and actively repair and rejuvenate and nourish the exposed area, it brightens and rejuvenates the skin perfectly.

All these treatments need to be carried out by an expert physician in both dermatosurgery and Chinese traditional medicine. Moreover, many scientifically proven natural herbs have been discovered that are enriched with high anti-free radicals and anti-toxins that can nourish and brighten the skin. There are also homoeopathic remedies for each individual, plus energy treatments that can polish the mind, body, and spirit to make pure holistic beauty shine.

Combined with the knowledge of nano cell extracts from plants, animals, and humans, many diseases and beauty problems can be remedied, making inner beauty shine from within.

Thanks to scientists and physicians who keep developing and discovering innovative regimens for better quality of life and beauty, we can realize that health is the most precious thing when it comes to wealth and beauty.

Dr. Orawan is certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Board certified in Dermatology and holds fellowships in dermatology and laser surgery from Massachusetts General Hospital. She is also certified by the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand.

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