Dr.Orawan has always been at the forefront of aesthetic dermatology and the advancement of leading technologies in Anti-Aging & Holistic Care.   In 1988 she was the first to use multiple Lasers surgery in Thailand; specifically designed for skin treatments. These revolutionary lasers, that are still used today, uses the most effective methods to treat moles, blemishes and tumours such as the CO₂ & Erbium Yag Laser .

In the early nineties Dr Orawan introduced the Cold Laser Treatment to Thailand. An innovative treatment designed to promote healthy skin tissue and used for healing wounds, activating stem cells, stimulating hair growth, reducing inflammation and treating skin allergies.

A decade later in the early 2000’s Dr Orawan and her Anti-Aging Institute played an innovating role with the introduction of the original Q-Switch Neodynium Yetrium Aluminum  Garnet Laser (Ng Yag Laser). This laser has been able to treat birth marks, tattoos, stretch marks, melanomas and a host of other skin conditions. Following soon after the Intense Pulsed Light Treatment was introduced that had a huge impact of the world of cosmetic dermatology, treating skin rejuvenation, photo damaged skin, permanent hair reduction, acne rosacea and telangiectasia.

Other technological treatments were soon to follow with the introduction of the Diode Laser and long-pulsed Nd Yag Laser with cool tip treatment, finally allowing for comfortable permanent hair removal and the treatment of veins, telangiectasia, acne rosacea and varicose veins. Thermage (the first in Thailand), the Gold Fractional RF and many, kinds of RF for skin tighiening.

Complimenting all of these laser technologies is the Dysport injection commonly known as ‘Botox’ or Botulinum toxin A. These injections have continued to be popular when it comes to removing wrinkles and tightening the skin. These same injections can be used for other parts of the body from the arms and hands to the breasts and buttocks. As a pioneer and trainer of Botox injections Dr Orawan uses sophisticated techniques in the application of ‘Botox’ to ensure that the rejuvenating benefits of the treatment last longer and have a more natural tone.

As of today, at the forefront of the leading cosmetic technologies, Dr Orawan and her Institute are researching the latest generation of nano-technology hand held devices incorporating previous laser technology, but now changing and restructuring the skin’s make up.

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