Orawana Healthy Cuisine

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Orawana Healthy Cuisine

The miracle of holistic healing comes through Orawana’s five menu sets:

Perfect Beauty Set
Perfect Body and Weight Management Set
Perfect Smart Brain and Hair Growth Set
Perfect Pretty and Clear Eye Set, and
Perfect Anti-Aging and Anti-Cancer Set

Go on the Orawana Diet to Keep Diseases Away and Stay Beautiful Everyday

A nice meal is meaningful not just to the taste buds but also to one’s health and beauty. We all know that the most precious thing IS our health and wellbeing, which is reflected in our appearance.

Known very well for anti-aging remedies and holistic beauty treatments, Dr. Orawan Kitchawengkul, Founder of the Dr. Orawan Anti-Aging Holistic Institute, has created Orawana Healthy Cuisine – delicious recipes for health and beauty containing fruitful extracts and ingredients for holistic health and beauty without pills.

Each set contains a precise amount of Thai herbs, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and fish. All enriched ingredients are specially selected for each set with purpose and also meet Halal standards.

Each of the sets starts with a fresh vegetable salad with different kinds of fruity salad sauces. The main dish is a Thai style noodle called Kuoy Tiew Lui Suan Choun Souy, meaning ‘noodles that create beauty’. The colorful noodles are made from natural extracts: green from green vegetables, red from beetroot, orange from carrot, blue from the Thai flower ‘anchan’ and black from sesame. To bring out the characteristics of each set, the dish is wrapped with organic fresh nutrients specific to the set. It goes well with Orawana delicious herbal sauce.

Served in a slow-poaching hot pot, Orawana energizing soup is enriched in natural Glutathione and amino acids. There are different fresh ingredients for each set and you cook them yourself in a hot pot.

Next is a glass of fresh blended vegetable and fruit juice, enriched in special enzymes for each set and all excellent for health and beauty. These drinks are delicious and refreshing. Wrap up the meal with Orawana enchanting homemade natural organic ice cream in a variety of healthy choices served along with an anti-aging herbal tea.

Last but not least are the take-home snacks. Pick from a great selection of Orawana freeze-dried fruits including jackfruit, orange, papaya, tamarind, strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, tomato, mango and more – along with herbal supplements.

Catering is also provided if you want to host your own health and beauty party.

Opt for Orawana Healthy Cuisine and embark on a most valuable and delicious culinary journey. A set meal is just 400 baht while good health is the key to a good life.

Go on the Orawana Diet to keep diseases away and stay radiantly beautiful every day.

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