Natural Hormones For Holistic Beauty


In the world of beauty therapies the most popular treatments center on non-surgical lifting and rejuvenation. Today there are many innovative low risk-high benefit products and technologies for rejuvenation, ranging from nano niosome Perfect Beauty Serum to state of art laser, radio frequency, infrared, botox, filler, and thread embedding treatments. Combined with growth factors and stem cell activation, these make people look younger and feel happier.

Above and beyond all this new technology for beauty, people still look for wellness, longevity and a better quality of life and this can be achieved through natural hormonal supplements in combination with a healthy lifestyle – exercise, balanced diet, sound sleep and (not to be discounted) positive thinking.

Natural Hormonal Supplements
Today’s hormonal replacement therapies utilize a symphony of natural bio-identical hormone supplements.

Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA and Pregnenolone
People simply think that what they need are only the sex hormones which are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and pregnenolone (the precursor of sex hormones). Both genders need to balance these sex hormones. This means that even males need some female hormone to open cell receptors so as to boost the health of the brain, bone, heart, blood vessels and skin. (Prolonged depletion of estrogen, the female hormone, has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease). In the same way, females need some male hormone to make them look attractive, to give them more energy and increase their sexual desire, and to build muscle and bone.

Without testosterone and growth hormone in combination with calcium and vitamin D3, bone cannot be restored. This is why people who take calcium supplements can still experience osteoporosis problems. With pregnenolone one can restore the memory and prevent memory loss problems associated with aging.

Thyroid hormone
Supplementing only sex hormones will help improve the quality of life but results are limited. One still needs thyroid hormone replacement, if in deficit, to help metabolism and boost energy, sharpen creative thinking and to help manage weight. Thyroid hormone deficiency at a sub-clinical level can cause severe depression, especially when one wakes up in the morning.

Melatonin is a natural super antioxidant, secreted from the pineal gland in the brain. It helps to promote deep sleep and repairs bodily systems, which is important for a good quality of life. In addition, melatonin helps to prevent cancer and increases hair growth.

Growth hormone
Growth hormone from the hypothalamus gland and the muscles is the best rejuvenation hormone for the body. It builds and maintains an appropriate volume and tone in the skin. Sometimes called the youth hormone for adults, it gives a feeling of inner peace and well-being, shapes up the body, restores muscles and strengthens bone. In addition it has been shown to prevent the brain from atrophying and curbs cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, khyphosis and joint pain. It can also fight Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly.

Cortisone is a hormone from the adrenal gland and it helps to improve immunity, blood pressure and blood sugar levels and boosts energy. It is the best natural steroid around, offering mood enhancement and stress resistance. Adrenal insufficiency results in a loss of energy, exhaustion and leaves one more susceptible to infections, emotional outbursts, extreme moods and chronic fibromyalgia. If severe it can even be life threatening.

Administration of these natural supplements should be supervised and controlled by an anti-aging expert if the patient is to receive proper treatment without side effects. After a few weeks of hormonal replacement therapy, one feels an inner peace and higher energy levels in addition to experiencing plumper, firmer skin. After 6 months, one feels stronger and may notice increased hair growth and a higher libido. After a year of the therapy, patients feel like they have turned back the clock in terms of wellness and beauty. Muscle mass increases, memory is sharper, blood sugar and blood pressure are normalised and joint and muscle pain disappear. Some patients even find they can stop taking prescription medicines. In other words one looks younger and feels a better quality of life, experiencing inner peace and more pleasure in everything.

Those who choose to rejuvenate with hormonal replacement treatments combined with state of the art non-surgical technologies will go a long way to restoring and sustaining their beauty and good health. They discover that health is their most prized asset and beauty their greatest pleasure.

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