Natural Herbs and Extracts For Rejuvenation

NATURAL HERBS AND EXTRACTS FOR REJUVENATIONNATURAL HERBS AND EXTRACTS FOR REJUVENATIONResearch in the field of anti-aging medicine has identified hormonal depletion as one of the key factors that contributes to the aging process.Supplementation with an orchestra of natural bio-identical hormones can help restore the body’s cellular functions and its various systems, the combined effects of which revitalizes the body and turns back the clock.Individuals have for centuries embarked on a search for the best possible remedies for longevity, good health and quality of life. It has now been scientifically and clinically proven that many medicinal herbs and natural extracts possess these much sought-after qualities.One of the best combinations for rejuvenation is the combination of these seven extracts: Ginseng, Pine bark extract, Cordeceps sinensis, Oyster meat, L-arginine, L-ornithine and Zinc gluconate. The synergistic effect of these seven extracts boosts energy; improves muscle tone, bone density and skin condition; and enhances brain function as well as sexual drive.  GinsengGinseng is the best herb in traditional medicine for revitalization. Scientific research has proven that quality ginseng extract enhances libido and sexual performance by stimulating the central nervous system and gonad tissues and facilitating penile erection. Ginsenoside and phytoestrogens in ginseng act on the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of gonadotropins. This revitalizes the reproductive organs in both males as well as females.     Pine bark extractPine bark extract contains numerous complex oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC) compounds and Pycnogenol. These are potent anti-oxidants that support better circulation by preventing stress-induced constriction of arteries and the formation of varicose veins and blood clot emboli. They also prevent hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and increase the flexibility of blood vessels thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Oxygen transfer to all cells is increased and the extract also has a synergistic effect in the synthesis of Vitamin C and E by the body.     Cordeceps sinensisAn exotic fungus, Cordeceps sinensis is most commonly used in traditional medicine for the replenishment of general health. It has a positive effect on the liver, kidney, heart, and immune system. Its anti-oxidation activity has been scientifically-proven.     Oyster meatOyster meat provides a totally natural source of glycogen, phospholipids, marine vitamins, minerals, amino acid, taurine (a non-essential amino acid), and zinc compounds. Noted for its cleansing properties on the body, and especially the liver, oyster meat extracts stimulate bile secretion, promotes the proper functioning of the gall bladder and also enhances reproductive function. It balances blood pressure and is also beneficial for the cardiovascular system. The extracts alleviate joint pain and clears the skin. It also has a positive overall effect for diabetics.     L-arginineL-arginine is an essential amino acid and one of the building blocks of proteins in the body. It increases the nitric oxide level which in turn improves erectile function. It helps with the dilation of blood vessels and promotes good circulation. L-arginine also stimulates the production of growth hormones in the pituitary gland, controls blood sugar, and promotes anti-aging overall.     L-ornithine L-ornithine is the most potent amino acid for stimulating the production and release of Human Growth Hormone – the key hormone responsible for restoring the youthfulness of all organs and body sculpting by increasing muscle mass and reducing fat tissues. Additionally, L-ornithine helps to promote the re-growth of the Thymus gland which in turn boosts the immune function. If taken at bed-time, it improves sleep quality.     Zinc gluconateThe ionic compound Zinc gluconate is vital to the body’s immune system. It balances the interaction of all essential trace elements in the body and plays a pivotal role in body’s growth and energy production processes. Zinc gluconate promotes healthy DNA synthesis and metabolism and facilitates the healing process. This is critical for body builders, athletes, sports enthusiasts.These herbs are among the best natural remedies for anti-aging and boosting energy, sexual performance and longevity..

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