More Than Skin Deep


I often get asked what exactly holistic beauty treatments are and how they apply to anti-aging.

‘Holistic’ simply refers to the whole of body, including mind and spirit. Thus holistic beauty treatments combine Western and Eastern therapies to not only help you feel and look better physically but also to help you feel beautiful from within.

This is important because a positive thinking individual who is content both physically and spiritually is far more likely to have meaningful social relationships and a good spiritual outlook and attitude. In other words, a better quality of life.

The holistic approach needs to be natural, doing no harm and aiming to cure not simply suppress illness or physical problems. It involves a sophisticated check up and treatment regime to boost and balance energy levels so as to give you optimum peak performance.

Holistic check ups are composed of Bio-resonance imaging to check the energy of each organ. In energy medicine, each cell of each organ has an optimal energy level to maintain good health and nowadays this can be measured with innovative equipment. The energy level will give the status of each organ and can point out problems before any disease occurs. In this way it is like a sophisticated pre-diagnostic check up and preventive treatment can be put in place before the symptoms of illness even exist.

Also used in holistic check ups ECG assesses the heart’s work load and capacity – modern technology in the form of ECG combines with sympathetic and parasympathetic measurement to offer a yin and yang effect.

Urine tests indicate the amount of free radicals in your system while organ status and body mass can be calculated by comparing weight and height to heart function. In addition, blood, urine and stool examination may be conventional in check ups but they help to evaluate the progress of existing illnesses in the organs.

Hormonal check ups, particularly for people aged over 30, are a must for anti-aging evaluation. Hormones regulate the wellness both of the body and mind. Hormones work in harmony so when one type of hormone is depleted it will effect all the other hormones too.

These are key factors in maintaining good health and young looks and compliment healthy diets, exercise, positive thinking, and good sleep.

So, based on a sophisticated evaluation, holistic beauty treatments can be tailored to the individual. The goal of holistic treatments is to create a happy, healthy person with good skin, a fit body, healthy hair and an active and quick-thinking mind using the best of Western technology combined with the Oriental wisdom of Eastern medicines. A natural and practical way to achieve a healthy mind and body and maintain the anti-aging fight.

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